Gillian Anderson

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Areas of practice


Adoption and surrogacy
Arbitration and collaboration
Child protection
Child support

Family & de facto
Property, spousal-maintenance & financial
Child-related proceedings
Financial agreements
Child support

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution 
Restraining orders


Family Planning
Care and protection
Elder law
Family and de facto
Parenting orders

Family Provision Act

Wills and estates
Contested probate



Gillian Anderson’s areas of practice include family law, family provision and estate matters.

She is regarded as having a measured, strategic and commercial approach in financial matters, and a sensitive and considered approach in children’s matters. She also has experience advising and providing opinions in relation to ethical matters such as conflicts of interest and complaints against practitioners.

Prior to being admitted to the Bar in 2008, Gillian worked as a corporate lawyer for Police & Nurses Credit Society before beginning her own firm practising in family law, family provision and estate matters. She has conducted a wide range of family law matters – defended children’s issues, interstate and international relocations, and high value and complex property matters as a solicitor and barrister, as well as chair of Mediation Style Conferences.

In 1985 she worked as a corporate lawyer at Woodside for three years before moving to London, where she worked for three years for a lobbyist and public policy advisory firm specialising in the European Union.  

Prior to that, she was a partner at Paterson & Dowding, which was then and continues to be one of Western Australia’s leading family law firms.

Gillian is a member of the Law Society of Western Australia and the Family Law Practitioners Association of Western Australia. She has been Chair of a Legal Aid Review Committee since 1994.


Qualifications: BJuris, LLB


Liability limited by a Scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation