Students to make their case at mock trials

For three decades, the Law Society of Western Australia’s Mock Trial competition has been showcasing the next generation of legal talent and encouraging young people to develop skills in public speaking, communication, advocating for a position and presenting an argument.

Francis Burt Chambers is proud to be supporting the event again in 2022 as its Student Access Partner – making it possible for more schools to enter and giving students from very different backgrounds and aspirations the opportunity to share this valuable experience.

The Mock Trials provides an enjoyable, dynamic way of introducing senior high school students to the law. The cases are presented by two teams – a prosecution/plaintiff team and a defence/defendant team – each made up of eight to 12 students playing the roles of barristers, solicitors, witnesses and court officials.

Members from Francis Burt Chambers and other legal professionals support the competition as volunteer judges and coaches for the Mock Trial teams.

Our Board Member, Pip Honey (a former Mock Trials winner) told last year’s Grand Finalists that “What the profession of law benefits from most is diversity – diversity of ideas, diversity of viewpoints, diversity of interests, which comes from members being from diverse backgrounds.

“Diversity creates greater public trust and confidence in the rule of law and has flow-on benefits for the community as a whole.

“A diverse profession – of any kind – is more just, productive and intelligent. Diversity often leads to different questions being asked, and better analysis, solutions and processes.

“That is why Francis Burt Chambers is such a proud supporter of the Student Access Partnership and what the program seeks to achieve.”